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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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clear. >> oh, stop, you would not. if she sang to you -- >> like i was saying. >> does she have talent? >> like i was saying. >> wisdom martin is your number one fan. >> that doesn't even include puff daddy and whatever his name is. it doesn't even include those guys. >> no more rumor talk next week. stop spreading those rumors around. see you next week. straight up 5:00 on a monday morning and the capitol dome front and center. it is july 25th. another warm start to the day. happy monday. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of the weather with tucker barnes this morning. another warm one but i'm glad it doesn't feel like it
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did last thursday. >> we're not going to be pushing triple digits. >> only in the low 90s. >> we can handle that. >> that will feel a lot better. we'll show you the shower activity and the thunderstorms. not here in washington but some of us off to our south and east down towards came bridge and salisbury, ocean city, you might be seeing a few light showers. some heavy rain in southern maryland where we had some flash flood warnings down into calvert county and that portion of the region. here in wash, just started out with hazy sunshine we'll wake up to. with a frontal system just off to the north and east, it is possible we could get some more showers and thunderstorms today and actually we could use them because this will be our bev chance this week for any measurable rain. less a get to the numbers. 82 at reagan national. any time you start your day off
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at 82 degrees, not very comfortable. 89 in martinsburg. today will be one of the cooler ones this week. we'll heat up again later this week. >> i don't mind a little rain. the yard and garden is looking a little bad. >> some browning out. >> i noticed my neighbor's yard looking a little brown. mine still looks okay though. hope no some rain for them. things are hooking very nice on the beltway as you travel the road in prince george's county. the john hanson highway looks good. no problems, inbound new york avenue. northbound 95, you have a little bit of volume building as you head into newington. 66 wide open at 50 fair oaks. you will find things look good into the beltway. westbound inside the beltway, watch for brief delays. here we are on the inner loop
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near robinson terminal to the right of your screen. everybody running well from springfield towards 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story this morning, the search if a missing infant. a 7-month-old baby boy disappeared on friday in ball. he was last seen with a 16-year- old girl who police say has ties to the d.c. metro area. stacy cohan is following the latest developments. >> reporter: there was a huge rally in the child's baltimore neighborhood last night to try to support the family and friends of little kiyahn birch. his father says he ran to the store on friday and left the boy with this 16-year-old girl, janee boozer. when the father returned, booeder and his son were gone.
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>> most of the conversation, she was just crying. she just kept saying cousin barb, i need to find my baby. i don't know where to go. >> give me my son back right now. i want him in my arms. >> reporter: relatives spent the weekend hanging up flyers. baltimore police have alerted d.c., prince george's and montgomery county police to be on the lookout for boozer because she apparently has friends and relatives here. >> thank you. first, david catania and now a deck sunday d.c. council member calling for harry thomas, jr. to resign. thomas agreed to pay the district $300,000 he was accused of spending on personal expenses. the decision settles a lawsuit brought last month by the district's attorney general. saturday, mary cheh issued a statement saying she doesn't see how it is possible for thomas to serve effectively
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given the allegations and the settlement. in the debate over raising the nation's debt limit, both democrats and republicans now scrambling to come up with their own plan to protect against a government defall. bipartisan debt talks remain deadlocked after president obama met with top democrats last night and spoke with speaker boehner over the phone. and historic weekend in new york continues. hundreds of gay couples tied the knot moments after same-sex marriages became legal in new york. the protesters are still making their presence felt. fox's mary ann rafferty has the story. >> by the powers vested in me by the state of new york, i pronounce you both married. >> reporter: mayor mike bloomberg marries two of his staffers ringing in the moment with cheers and applause. it is a pivotal moment in the national gay rights movement. >> you may seal your vows with a kiss. >> couples across the empire state wiped away tears of joy
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and proudly displayed their marriage licenses sunday. dozens lined up in front of city hall in manhattan. >> it feels nice to be a part of a historic step of progress. >> i now pro pronounce you legally married. >> reporter: couples started saying i do at midnight on sunday. >> everybody puts locks on their doors to protect what is important to them. people don't understand that gay americans want to put locks on their relationships to protect what is important to us. >> reporter: new york's governor called same-sex marriage, quote, a basic human right. >> your relationships and your love and your partners and your marriage relationships are justify as bonafide as marriages in the heterosexual community. >> reporter: across the state, thousands rallied in opposition. in rochester, protesters clung
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to their ideals. >> they should go forth and mull ply. that is marriage. there is no multiplication in homosexual marriage. >> reporter: new york joins washington, d.c., connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, nam until and vermont in recognizing same- sex marriage. first lady michelle obama and second lady jill biden teaming up. that is up next. new details about the suspect in norway as he is set to appear in court in just a few hours. stay with us. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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a norwegian court says the prosecution will request eight week of pretrial detention for the suspect in the country's terror attacks. prosecutors will ask for the hearing to be closed to the public and to the media. the suspect admits he killed almost 100 people in friday's bombing and mass shooting but he says it was necessary. the 32-year-old due in court this morning. he is expected to need not guilty. his lawyer explains he wanted to trigger an anti-muslim revolution in norway. investigators are looking through a 1500 page man
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northwest owe he posted online. he rambles on about muslims taking over european society. that was published on friday right before a massive bombing in oslo killed seven people. hours later, a massacre at a kids camp off norwegian coast. a total of 93 people died in that attack. the fired and second lady paid tribute to military families this weekend. they honored national guard troops in concord. it is all part of the joining forces initiative. -- the first and second lady paid tribute to military families this weekend. the price at gas pumps are going back up again. question is why. we'll check in with aaa and see what answers we can get from them. more hazy, hot and humid conditions in store. i'll have the details on the forecast. lauren demarco is in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a couple of short minutes. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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the inventor of hot wheels toy cars passed away. elliot handler died at his home in southern california at the age of 95. he and his wife and family friend founded the mattely to company. they launched hot wheel cars back in 1968. i used to play with those when i was little. >> did you guys have collections? >> i used to set them up. >> everybody had them. >> i think so. i had the barbies. >> imagine hitting gold not once but twice. >> that is pretty impressive. >> pretty good. >> i think so. >> we'll live a hot life this
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week. >> well, yes. here is the deal. relatively speaking, it will be a little more comfortable today. that being said, we are just returning to close to where we should be this time of year which is hot and humid, instead of excruciating. let's get started way look at our numbers. -- with a look at our numbers. 81 at reagan national is not a number you like to see a whole lot at 5:15 in the morning. 81 in annapolis. leopardtown, you had rain overnight. a few spots doing a little better but again, this is not -- and this is just not a combination for a very comfortable day. satellite-radar, showers, thunderstorms breaking out to our south and east and during the overnight hours and even the overnight hours had pretty good rain in southern maryland, we had some flash flood warnings for you. those have been led to expire. this is all pushing off to the south and east and it will be
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out of here. we are dealing with a frontal system wavering just off to the north. it has slightly cooler and slightly drier air that will try to press in here later today. more clouds in the forecast today and with the cloud cover, we'll hold the temperatures down to the low 1r0 and a decent chance, maybe a 50% chance we'll get needed scattered showers and thunderstorms today. bring along an umbrella here just in case. some of the storms could dump some pretty heavy rain in a short period of time. once the rain gets out of here, we'll be nice and dry for much of the week. here is your futurecast. you can see the scattered nature but you can see the numerous shower activity breaking out across the area. we'll elsewhere more showers around before things quiet down overnight. be ready for the possibility of rain today and relatively cool temperatures. i mean only in the low 90s. that is still above normal. winds out of the north here at about five. showers will linger into the evening hours. you got softball, that kind of thing. can't guarantee you will get it in as the rain will continue
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for the evening hours. 74 your overnight low. here is the five-day forecast, tomorrow, okay, sunshine. humidity will be aling lower so that will feel better. 92. # 3 and sunny. if you like the heat, you will love thursday, friday and saturday right back into the upper 90s. we'll see if we don't get close to 100 here by friday and saturday. let's do some on-time traffic. lauren demarco has the latest. >> we do have an issue reported in maryland 450 westbound after crownsville road the blocked because of some debris in the roadway. do watch out for that. we'll take a live look elsewhere. things are running pretty well northbound 95 as you make the trip up to the occoquan. we've got volume but everybody is moving so no slowdown at this point. crossing the people to the left of your screen is the inner loop. you can see we have a vehicle stopped there on the shoulder. doesn't seem to be causing much
5:19 am
of a problem. 66 inside the beltway, we had some reports of delays because of earlier construction. that is wrapped up here at george mason drive. everything is running smoothly. here we are ken ill worth avenue at eastern avenue. no problems for you and the bw parkway is running well between beltways. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more pain at the pump. aaa is reporting gas price have risen for the third straight week. the national average for a gallon of regular went up two cents to $3.70 a gallon. john townsend with aaa says uncertainty within the economy is to blame for this. >> the up certainty in the marketplace is to blame. about whether the united states will default on its debts, that throws a monkey wrench in the marketplace so that has pushed gas prices up. you know, the lack of stability is the worst thing for the marketplace. the lack of certitude and
5:20 am
certainty can destabilize the marketplace. so crude again is floating at $100 a barrel and as a consequence, the price of gas has gone up 16 cents a gallon since june 30th. >> now, on average, the price of gas is about $1.02 more than this tile last year. so we are paying about $20 more a week for a fill-up. townsend says he thinks prices will hover around $3.75 a gallop before receding. big donation at the national zoo. it will mean good news for dozens of animals there. we'll tell you about that coming up next. when it is this hot, even the cows get a bath at the national zoo. we'll tell you why the cows and the alpacas and everyone here at the petting zoo is here to stay. if you are having problems paying the mortgage or afraid economic hard times may put your home in jeopardy, joinous wednesday morning. fox 5 is hosting a phone bank all morning with experts from
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ you just don't know when to give you, do you? >> we are going to win this war
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because we have the best men. >> so much for harry potter. there is a new box office leader already. the highly anticipated captain america the first avenger took in nearly $66 million in its big screen debut. that bumped harry potter down to number two bringing in $48 million. the national zoo throw a big party over the weekend to celebrate a big donation that will let dozens of animals stay here in washington. >> we are not talking about pandas or tigers or even the prairie dogs. as tisha thompson shows us, this because all about the cows. >> reporter: there is nothing quite like a cow getting a bath to excite the mind of a 2-year- old. >> they are her buddies. look at her. >> reporter: they come to visit cows here at the national zoo's
5:25 am
kids farm once a month. >> you actually have like a chance to be up close and actually touch animals here. i don't know what she would do without them. >> reporter: but rose the cow and her buddies the alpacas almost had to leave the zoo because the zoo didn't have enough money to keep them here anymore until they got a last- minute donation. the zoo announced it would be forced to shut down the kids farm and send flash the donkey, ziggy the alpaca, lucy the goat and all the other animals here. >> wave all heard it a million times, when you're in trouble, state farm is there. we were in trouble and they came. >> reporter: local state farm agents like keith edwards vince convinced their company to donate $1.4 million, enough money to keep the farm going for the next five years. >> you can't save the zoo today and not save the zoo tomorrow.
5:26 am
the zoo needs -- the petting farm needs to be preserved long term because it is an important part of this community. >> we were overwhelmed. this surpassed our expectations but i think it is a really good barometer of how deeply and passionately people feel about the kids farm. >> reporter: bob lamb says, in return for its sponsorship, state farm gets to put its name on some signs. >> she is so excited about having them out here that wear glad they are going to stay. >> reporter: in return, beth fine and her 2-year-old lily get to watch rose the cow get a bath for year to come. what does the cow say? >> moo. >> reporter: at the national zoo, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> make a lot of kids happy. >> i know. here is something to make you happy. you could be in line if a discount on airline tickets thanks to the federal government missing a key deadline. why are some airlines jacking up price so you won't see the
5:27 am
savings? >> i can't say i'm surprised by that. >> reporter: police in d.c. and maryland continue to search if a missing 7-month-old child and his teenaged baby-sitter. i'll have that story coming up. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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welcome back. it is now coming up on 5:30 on this monday, july 25th. it will be nice to have a break
5:30 am
from the heat wave that we had last week. still going to be warm though. >> relatively speaking, i guess. but it is not 100 so it is an advantage. >> only 92 this afternoon. >> all right. >> there we go. you're right. it will feel a little bit better. yesterday, 97. we were 102 on friday and saturday. i guess things are headed in the right direction at least temporarily before we heat up again this week. certainly, this is the hottest time of year. mother nature doing her best to deliver this this year. >> she certainly has. let's get right to the look at the radar. we have some showers that broke out overnight. some pretty heavy rain where we had flash floods that broke out overnight. you can see those showers diminishing here. most of the morning here should be dry but notice off to the north and west, more rain shower activity. there is a frontal system wavering just to the north. as that presses into the area
5:31 am
today, more in the way of cloudiness, sitely cooler temperatures and a decent chance of widespread thunderstorms this afternoon. let's hope we get some rain because we will be dry for most of the week. 82% humidity. that is a nice combo. winds out of the south and east at three. could be some showers this afternoon. high temperatures about 92 degrees at 5:00 p.m. that is five degrees better than yesterday. >> anyling break we can get. thank you. let's check the roads with lauren. >> good morning. can't complain. 92 is better than 102 any way you put it. >> absolutely. >> we did have the wreck westbound 450 at crownsville road. watch for that. we have a bit of a closure there due to some debris. let's take a live look at the beltway as you travel in
5:32 am
montgomery county. no real problems to report making the trip off 95 into college park. here we are, 270. you see a little bit of volume starting to build through germantown to the left of your screen. no accidents or incidents to report and your lanes are open. 66 running well both inside and outside the beltway at this time. 95 and 395 also looking pretty good. we have some cars out there on the roads. but everybody running at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the latest now on our top story. calls this morning for the safe return of a 7-month-old baby boy. he disappeared four days ago in ball. police say the infant was last seen with a 16-year-old girl who has ties to the d.c. metro area. fox 5's stacy cohan joins us live from the newsroom with the latest on this one. >> reporter: good morning. police agencies here have been notified. they are on the lookout. this infant disappeared friday with a teenaged girl who was
5:33 am
supposed to be watching him. she apparently was left with him only briefly. we do have a picture of the girl. the teen has ties to prince george's and montgomery county in the form of friend and family. the baby was last seen with her about 5:00 p.m. in baltimore on lindhurst street. the parents of 7-month-old k iyahn birch have been hanging up flyers since the child vanished. they are deeply concerned about the child's safety in the intense heat of the past several days. >> people say expect to the worst. don't want to expect that. she stole my son. hike what's your motive? >> reporter: 16-year-old chanee boozer has a blond mohawk style
5:34 am
hairstyle and was last seen wearing a purple leopard print outfit. anyone with information is urged to call police. a virginia man opens his door to what thought were friends and get beaten and robbed. the loudoun county sheriff's office as a it happened at a home in ashburn. the home owner was immediately hit with a blunt object. turning to the massacre in norway now that left more than 90 dead. most of them were killed at a youth camp off the nor people and coast. doctors say the shooter used explosive bullets. the shooting killed 86 people but police are still searching the water for more bodies. the suspect confessed to the shooting to his lawyer on friday as well as a bombing in central oslo that killed at least seven more people. he apparently wanted to spark a revolution against muslim immigrants. hundreds came out if an emotional vigil in front of oslo cathedral yesterday.
5:35 am
nation will hold a moment of silence in about an hour and a half. the suspect is due in court for his arraignment this morning. the latest on the debate over raising the debt ceiling now. just over a week until the dead loan and after months of negotiation, we are still no hoser to a deal. but both republicans and now democrats are now racing against the clock to come up with their own plans. they are hoping to reassure world financial markets that the u.s. will avoid a default. john balkaner says his new plan should be unveiled later this morning. >> we're borrowing 42 cents on every dollar we spend. we have a $14.5 trillion national debt. >> you are on plan is to get congress to raise the debt ceiling on time. >> that is not a plan gentleman that is their plan too. >> the government will run out of money unless the debt ceiling is raised by august 2nd. hundred of gay couples
5:36 am
flocked on the altar on the first day that same-sex marriages are legal in new york. opponents are rallying in several cities. new york by wait the sixth state in addition to the district to legalize same-sex marriage. mile ring maryland governor martin o'malley has issued a new statement on his efforts to legalize same-sex marriage. it reads in part islamoradaers of all walk of life want their children to live in a loving, stable committed home protected under the law. the legislation we plan to introduce in the 2012 legislative session will protect relynna laious freedom and equality of marital rights. secretary of state hillary clinton tried to put a positive spin on our troubled economy. her message of reassurance to the world. another congressman wrapped up in a possible scandal. details of what a young woman is alleging and who is calling for an ethics probe. stay with us. we'll be right back. hi, we're looking to save some money
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soy the mother of singer amy winehouse says her daughter wasn't well the day before she died. janice winehouse said she believed it was only a matter of time before her daughter died. she said her daughter's sudden passing still just hasn't sunk in yet. new details in the deadly shooting rampage at a roller
5:40 am
skating rink in north turk. the estranged wife of a man police say killed her and four others before turning gun on herself said he slapped her in front of her children. saturday, he opened fire at the 11-year-old son's birthday party. in stockton, california, police say a 15-year-old died and eight others hurt at a backyard birthday party shooting. nine teenagers shot at another birthday party in florida when a flight fight broke out and in washington state, seven people recovering after being shot at a casino in seattle. secretary of state hillary clinton is trying to reassure financial markets in asia that our economy is working fine. she just arrived in hong kong as part of her 12-nation trip to asia and is speaking out about washington's often tense
5:41 am
economic relationship with china. later on today, she will meet with members of hong kong's legislative council. democratic minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics probe this morning into the report of congressman david wu's unwanted sexual encounter. the orian newspaper reported he told arrest aides there was andent counter last november but he claims it was con sensual. we don't know how old the girl is, only that they graduated from high school last year. tax discounts on plane tickets thanks to the federal government missing a deadline. some airlines are not passing those savings on to you, the customer. we'll explain. what may be the world's most expensive hot dog. how much some baseball fans shell out for this hot going and what make it so special. we'll find out when we check your headline coming up and we'll check your morning commute and your weather for you. stay with us. 
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
we take a look at our oxon hill camera out over the beltway. maybe you want to head to the ball game, relarks, enjoy the game, maybe aing foot. ed world's most expensive hot dog selling at a massachusetts
5:45 am
baseball stadium for a whopping $80. $80 hot dog at the ballpark. what does it have are, you're ask? yts a half found all beef sausage rolled up in truffle oil coated with the dust of pulverized porcini mushrooms, topped with white truffle shavings. if you would like that, you can go to massachusetts and pick one up there. >> that seems like a waste of good truffle oil. that is expensive stuff. >> it seems like a waste of being at the ballpark if i'm at the ballpark, give me any old hot dog. that is not the place for fine dining but maybe not no everybody. >> someone will plunk down the $80 try it. >> so they can say they had it? >> exactly. it didn't look appetizing though. >> it didn't look that good. >> a lot of truffle stuff going on there. >> it is. >> you know what does look good? >> our weather? >> not really. i just wanted to pretend. highs expected to only be in
5:46 am
the low 1r0. i'm trying not to be sarcastic today but i guess it is a little bit better. -- highs expected to only be in the low 90s. the temperatures right now in the upper 70s and it is 81 here in washington. so another morning here we are just not cooling off. it felt a little better yesterday and friday and saturday. it is all relative and temperature were five degrees or so cooler yesterday than they were friday and saturday. but that is not where we should be this time of year. no records yesterday. today, as mentioned, will be a little cooler. our highs later today will only be in the low 90s. that is still not where we should be but it is a gradual improvement. 81 in washington. that is not comfortable. a lot of humidity as well. annapolis, 81 degrees. 75 in gaithersburg. had some rain overnight. pushed the temperature down
5:47 am
into the low 70s in leopardtown. in southern maryland, we are in the low 70s. 72 in cambridge and 75 in stevensville. looking at our satellite-radar, showers, thunderstorms got going off tower south into southern maryland during the evening hours and dropped some heavy rain so we had some flash flood warpings posted for portions of southern maryland. we've got some pretty good rains. you might see a shower or two this morning. i think here in washington, we're going to wake up with some haze and some partly sunny conditions. later today, there is a frontal system just off to the north as that pushes down into the area. we stand a pretty good chance, really our best chaps this week of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. i would bring along an umbrella here just in case as this will be the best chance for any rain this week. there you can see a little better look of the shower activity just off to the north and west out towards pittsburgh. here is your forecast for today. partly sunny skies, humid. could be an afternoon thunderstorm and again, wind
5:48 am
will be light out of the north at about five miles per hour. a few more showers during the early evening hours. maybe some 60s tomorrow morning outside the beltway. here your five-day forecast. tomorrow, i think tomorrow should be a d.c. exday. we'll have less humidity, 92 degrees. humidity builds back and so do the high temperatures by the end of week. thursday, friday, saturday, back into the upper 90s. right now, we are not thinking 100 but 97, 98 again towards the end of week. let's do some traffic and willmar has your latest this morning. >> all i can think about now is the strange hot dog that is making me kind of hungry. i think i would take it without the hot dog, all that nice truffle stuff on the bun. that is my suggestion. as you make the trip northbound 95 starting to slow heading across the occoquan past the prince william parkway making the trip northbound and again
5:49 am
newington into springfield. you've got the brief delays through man as and a slowdown here through centerville to the left of your screen. you will be on the brakes past 50 fair oaks and things look better towards the beltway making the trip into georgetown. here is a look at the key bridge, everyone running well out of roslyn right now. no robs to report for you there. if you are traveling the beltway in montgomery county, the outer loop slowing off and on between college park andsy verdict ving. also keep in mind, 450 westbound closed at crownsville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a break from federal taxes on plane tickets could have meant big savings for passengers but not every airline is sharing the welt. we have a report. >> reporter: an air fare discount courtesy of congress. >> any savings that you can get on an airline ticket i believe is a great deal. >> reporter: until washington works out an agreement to keep the faa running, airline tickets will not include some
5:50 am
federal taxes. that means a price drop of about 10%. >> i would probably book a couple flights. >> reporter: consumeers hoping to save need to shop around. some airlines including american and u.s. airways have actually raised fares to offset the tax savings. the carriers are pocketing the money while customers pay the same amount as before. southwest also raised prices but only by $8 per round trip. other airlines including united, continental, delta and virginia inamerica have not raised fares, passing down the savings. -- virgin america have not raised fares, passing down the savings. >> the price competition can force these guys to roll it back. so tomorrow should be an interesting day. with congress still out on their weekend holiday here, we know this will stay in place until at least monday. >> reporter: the price difference among airlines causing turbulence for some
5:51 am
passengers. >> it is up fair to have one airline charge more and others to not pass along the savings to customers. today could finally be the day a possible deal to end the nfl lockout. >> we'll check in with the sports junkies. stay tuned for that. 
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5:54 am
soy welcome back. we want to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day. it is k kay j. jax. she works at the national museum of the american uppeddian and went to work early on freeway so she could meet our own paul rafael. >> she put paul in her profile picture. >> i know. that is pretty impressive. we have to bring him back down to earth. >> football fans rejoicing as the inform fl lockout could be over in just a matter of hours. the sports junkies joining us from 106.7 the fan. it is a done teal, a mere formality to sign this in the next couple of hours. my question is what happens next? >> well we were just talking about that. we don't know the exact time line but it looks like there will be a window where players can go into the facilities and then can you sign your own free agents so the redskins could sign guys like rex grossman and
5:55 am
some of the players that they are deciding on whether it is carlos rogers and rocky mcintosh. you kind of have a jump start on your own guys full blown free agency starts on saturday. >> the player reps will vote today. thirty-two guys will vote. there will be 10 peoples in on wednesday. those players will vote. only need a majority vote. the rest of the teams will be in on friday. this really doesn't start to steamroll until about saturday. this is still a waiting game five or six days. >> do you think that -- these are obviously professional athletes. they are supposed to be keeping themselves in shape, getting ready to go. a lot of practicing on their own and no with the teams. do you think it wilmater or will this snap back into routine and everybody will be good to go. >> i think it will be kind of crazy at first, steve. i think you will have some guys that have done their due diligence. the laron landrys of the world that are dedicated to staying in shape and being ready. there are guys like trent williams where you don't know
5:56 am
where they stand. i think there will be some rust and i think when you start to add in all of these new players so quickly, there will be a real adjustment period. i think football the first couple of week will be a little more sloppy than it typically is. >> could you have a bigger man crush on la on landry? >> i do love him. have you seen his body. it is ridiculous. >> they won't have as much practice time. so teams that have new coaches are going to be in the hole and teams with new quarterbacks like the redskins with potentially john beck being their starter, without as men reps, it will be rough. >> i don't think the players, the coaches, the teams have any clue how this will start and end. they've never done it before. it will be chaotic, the next couple week will be extremely chaotic. i think you will see a lot of injure usc early in training camp. you still have a walk through and then a contact practice every single day. but that might not be enough. i think you will see a lot of
5:57 am
problems early. >> what about just the evaluation factor for the judge players especially the graft picks coming out. >> they will be behind the eight ball certainly. they haven't had a real opportunity to be coached up. that is where maybe some rhett ran guys that are kind of borderline might have a leg up in a year where they otherwise wouldn't. inthe rookies will be okay. there will be a transition and a learning process i don't feel you wonder how quickly these guys will be signed. you know in a regular off season, a lot of these first round picks, even second round picks sign at the last minute. effect is in a shortened window. how long will it be until hankerson is actually practicing for the wasington redskins or some of these other guys that they've brought in. when are these guys going to show up. ? when will they have their contract. they will have a shortened time period to get ready. >> we'll talk with you again next hour i believe or at least i little bit later on this
5:58 am
morning. we'll see you then. >> awesome. thank you, steve. >> we take a look at the pentagon and traffic right outside the front door. fox 5 morning news will be right back. we'll see you at 6:00. ♪ [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend.
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